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Rubber tiles are to be installed over perfectly leveled subsurface; asphalt, concrete or other hard surfaces.

It is recommended to unload and scatter the rubber tiles to allow them to adjust to surrounding temperatures for a while before proceeding with the installation.

Use a sharp tool to cut rubber tiles when necessary.

Rubber Tiles are to be glued down when under 3.5 cm thickness.

In general and in most cases, temperature variations may affect the installed rubber tiles. Tiles are likely to contract slightly in cold weather and expand slightly in warmer weather. Changes in dimensions are at most 2.5% on all directions and occur only at most severe conditions.

Subsurface preparation


Concrete subsurface requirements

For best results, we recommend allowing sufficient time for the concrete slap to dry, then make sure that the dried out surface is perfectly leveled and free from dirt, and soluble salts


Asphalt subsurface requirements

Rubber Tiles are to be installed on a leveled asphalt subsurface free of grease, oil, and dirt.


Concrete tiles subsurface requirements

Rubber tiles are to be installed on concrete tiles; leveled, and free of gaps, or moisture.

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